'Neverwinter' game news
I decided to install the game and roll a character, just to see what it was like.

I was very impressed with the character creation and the choice you could have in terms of class etc.

However, those keybinds are a blooming pain! haha
Hello again!

I am actually quite enjoying myself in Neverwinter!

For anyone who is also playing and interested, pm me and I shall add you to the STO in NW chat channel that I made so we can chat amongst ourselves Smile

I won't be making a guild, it just wouldn't be worthwhile
Its aprils fools day...
Thank goodness Tongue
I seen it pop up in my app feed, but I didn't want to read it, so I marked it read Tongue
Neverwinter seems like the test bed for a lot of concepts to bring over to STO (especially weird considering the genre), so it would be great to see this in STO in time. I did this in WoW a couple of times, and even did a faction change!

Faction changes would be exceptionally cool Tongue but they would have to work out the faction equivalent ship, and all 3 factions need that (well, they don't need it, but for something like that to work it would have to be).
Hi Chris,

Just started playing NW. Any pointers for a noob like me.

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