Leaving the fleet ( and the game )
Hello folks, what's up ?

As many of you are aware of, I have not been online for some days now, because I'm preparing for a big step in life, which is choosing a career ; a career I had in mind since my childhood. I stopped drawing, but my creativity is still there.
So recently I bought a Wacom CINTIQ (graphic tablet with a 12" screen on it ), in order to master anatomy, and then Zbrush, which is a 3D sculpting package widely used in the games and films industries.
My goal is, in the long term, to because character artist.

So that being said, I have to leave MMOs, STO included, and work hard hard hard if I want this to succeed.

It has been an honor serving with you guys, I hope you will not be disappointed by my abscence.

Hailing frequencies closed, captain.

Bye and GL HF !!!
It's a shame to see you go, but all the best with the new venture

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On the one hand I feel a little sadness to see you go, but on the other hand, I find comfort in the knowledge, that you do so to follow your dream.
Many of us have dreams, but few actually live them. I wish you the best of luck. Maybe you'll return one day and if you do, you can be sure to be welcomed back with open arms.
Live Long and Prosper
Good luck to you Captain! I'm confident you'll achieve your goals. Live long and prosper!

Good luck to you and maybe we may see your work someday.
Jolan Tru, Saarak

"Use the Force, Harry"- Captain Picard, Lord of The Rings
Goood luck to you! And you'll always be welcome back!
I don't know you well, but do wish you well in your endeavor. May your dreams bear great fruit.


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