Pi Canis daily [Edited to be guide]
(08-29-2013, 08:37 AM)MKont Wrote: Thanks for the walk through on these mission, I have them in my list of things to do so this will help greatly when I start to do them.

Before you do them, ask around fleet, there's always somebody willing to join, and it's best experienced in team Smile
If there are more then 2 players, leave Kalferi Drydock for last and then split into teams of two (because of bug)
Known bug that can appear in "Federation Transport Attack" (first mission) seems like it's made on purpose.
In recent play it happened to me, and then I saw why optional failed.
Problem was with destroying Freighters before mission is fully complete, there is no Honor and Glory in killing weaker opponents, therefore, their destruction must be avoided!
We're Klingons, not savage beasts!!!
I will make few more tests on it, but it seems that was an issue that "bugged" mission.

P.S. Bosses, is it OK to "necro" this topic, since it's actually a guide?
I know this is a couple months old, but I wanted to ask if you are all still doing this once in a while?

I've solo'd it a bunch of times. It often takes too much time, though, and lately I haven't done it. The "jam before killing" missions get boring really fast and are all basically the same (they are padding, methinks), but the other missions are pretty interesting and well done.

I've never done it as a team, and this thread has made me wonder what that would be like. I watched the youtube link (though it was nothing totally new for me). If nobody is doing this anymore, I don't suppose there's a youtube clip of the team working together on these missions?
Anytime you are online ask around Fleet, there are high chances that either me or someone else will join you.
There was event, but not quite popular, at least for time of it, there are still few of us who group together and do it, and we got some other cross-fleet events, so there was no point in keeping that one.

It is still one of easiest ways to grind Dilithium if playing as Klingon/Rom-KDF so I doubt that nobody is doing it.
Oh, I'm not a member of the fleet. I'm just a member of the forum. Big Grin

I love the website and use it for skillplanning, but browse the forum once in a while. I have a fleet. It's not overly large and it's not maxed out in any tier of anything, but I like it and I've helped make it what it is today. For my continued efforts I've reached a fairly nice rank/position in my fleet and am happy to stay there.

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