Summer Event - How to best get lots of Lohlunat Favors
The Hor'gahns also appear on your map Chris, as White Circles! I follow those instead Smile
Alas I won't be spending time on Risa - moving house on Saturday and then holiday after that, so have no time to collect bits. Fortunately I'm not too interested in the ship!

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I have a load of lobi on Iquaris that I decided to use on Lohlunat favours, and it was certainly worth it!

I managed to pool all my lobi together to get just over 1000 favours and get a superior jetpack for James. You might think i'm crazy! what a waste of good lobi! what the hell are you thinking!?

Well, I have no use for the lobi at the moment. There are no sets that I want, no costumes I need that I cannot get later, and I could have gotten pearls, but I am happy just to do the grind for the Corvette. This ship I WANT! The breen ship I could not have cared less for.

What I am doing, is using all 3 of my characters to pool favours for 1 character at a time.
Right now, James can collect the models in less than 5 minutes with the Superior Jetpack, so I get whatever I can from that, then move on to Iquaris who is still renting.
Iquaris does that in however long and then the rest of the event (about 4mins atm) can be used on Feria. Despite not being able to finish within the time on Feria, I will still get favours from it Smile
Next is the dancing! Around 12mins work within half an hour Chris said? No problem! Same rules apply! James first, then Iquaris, then the rest of the time can be spent with Feria.

Pool those Favours together and I make quite a little pile!
I have found it a lot easier with the way I am doing it already. Of course, I allow time for doing the Flying High event to get the 40 pearls within this.
So I shall be getting Superior Jetpacks for Iqauris and Feria next, then move onto costumes.

No rush, and I can do it easily Smile
I need 8 minutes at most to get the 10 Horga'hns using the Floater. Easy going. I check the Map in combination with using the Tricoder.

Btw, I created a Keybind for the Dance compitition. May be helpful.

Oh and in case you've wondered: Talking to the Dance Instructor award the "Samba" Accolade and unlocks the "Samba" Dance Emote. Completing the Dance competition awards the "Samba Master" Accolade and unlocks the "Samba Advanced" Dance Emote.
I just got a new gaming comp. so i'm waiting for the game to patch...

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Other than trading in the Lohlunat Favors for latimum from the Ferengi vendor, is there any other value to them?

(06-28-2013, 01:22 PM)Wavemanmav Wrote: Other than trading in the Lohlunat Favors for latimum from the Ferengi vendor, is there any other value to them?

Buying Floaters, Outfits, Food, etc.
(06-28-2013, 02:32 PM)ChrisHerr Wrote: [...] and then you beam back and turn that in and to get 20 favors.

But you can also turn them in remotely and then continue to explore the Island. Smile
Keep these posts going my friends!!! I REALLY want the vette on at least one toon, since the wife has been giving me some grief on playing, I'm going to have to beg, borrow and steal extra gaming time. Smile
Just put her into a sex coma...that should earn you some time

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