Summer Event - Running the Floater courses
Ran the course once yesterday. I actually did other things after completing the first course and still had the time to complete 3, and only one course was near the "hotel." So, the run is not difficult. Even an average of one run a day should be sufficient to get the corvette. Now, we have to see which fleet member wins the OCD award and gets the ship first.

You can actually only play the Jetpack mission once a day.... also, kudos to whomever manages to do the hunt without a jetpack.

"Use the Force, Harry"- Captain Picard, Lord of The Rings
When I saw how short the rental period was on the floaters, I slogged through the Horga'mh Hunt on foot (interspersed with the Dance Contest) until I had enough favors to buy all fifteen of my toons standard floaters. As it turns out, even with the standard floaters, I can finish "Flying High" in six minutes or less, so I'm in no hurry to upgrade my floaters. If I didn't have a Romulan that I need to advance, I would use the twenty hour cooldown period on "Flying High" to get some more favors, but for now I'm using that in between time doing story missions.
General Summer Event Question - why does the promotional picture look like someone is dressing as Mr T and then working as extra in Minority Report?

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