Personally, I like Vent. It's really easy to use, and I believe it's still installed on my computer somewhere. xD
I tried the in game voice chat and I like it because I can have a key to press when I talk. Its harder to do in 3rd party programs because the key option doesn't work with games very well. I use a stand mic so I have to press a key or else it world pick up my cpu fan.
BigBig I know in vent and most likely in Teamspeak also that the problem you are talking about can be relatively easily solved by running the program in Admin mode. Though really in my opinion we should use whatever is best for Malikius since he is going to be running the server.
Vent is better if you ask me, runs smother then TS.
Disregard this message we are going with GSC.

Ventrilo is up and running. Can only handle 5 people for now. Information as follows:

Server name: STO Academy
Hostname or IP:

port number: 29363

No password.

Going to talk to my significant other for paying for more people. He will probably say yes but still have to follow SOP. Wink enjoy.

<!-- m -Arrow<a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -Arrow

to download client
I just came across this <!-- m -Arrow<a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -Arrow any thoughts? Seems to be completely free.

EDIT: It is completely free and can have up to 200 slots. It might be worth a try. Give me a little while and I'll write up a tutorial on what to do so we can connect.


This is only to test out the voice chat. Since it is completely free and apparently can allow up to 200 people to chat, I think this is perfect for us. No one in the fleet needs to create a dedicated server for this. GSC hosts it.

Anyway this is the tutorial. Go to <!-- m -Arrow<a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -Arrow and fill out the information. DON'T fill out the Free Voice Server section, I already set one up.

After your account is active go here <!-- m -Arrow<a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -Arrow. Download the first one, Windows (32 bit) - GSC Client Application v.2.00 3017 and install it.

Start up the program and log in. Close the window that appears which has information on how to do things. Click on the Voice tab. At the bottom click Add then choose By IP Address. Enter the following information:

IP Address:
Port: 8113

Then click OK. You should now be connected to the STO Academy server.

If you need to open up the STO Academy chat window just double click on it.

So we are NOT using the Vent server? If so I will cancel it.
If you are not paying for it then keep it for now. I'd like to keep both options open until we can determine which is better.

As you wish, sir

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