The reason I asked is that it is only running XP Home Edition and all the other 9 computers in the house are running 7. I will await the "Powers that be" decision, unless you are one of them. When they decide which to use TS or Vent I will download the server version and we can go from there.
No I am not a 'power that is' just another intersted fleet member. However I can tell you that XP will easily run teamspeak, and I would assume vent also, as I ran a teamspeak server for a online Dungeons and Dragons game I was DMing with no problems and I am running XP x64 on my computer.
We can use whatever is easier to setup. Frankly I don't know how often I would be on because I'm busy, but I do like the idea.

I don't mind setting up some sort of channel, probably on Pidgin
Is Pidgen a voice chat system? I thought it was text only.
All pidgin is, is a program that lets you chat on more then one thing all at the same time like MSN an d Google Chat at the same time with only one program running.
Ok, so it's like Trillian? Which is essentially the same thing, just less known and older? I think?
Yes it is. I think the best thing to do though is wait and see if Malikius replies or if someone else can do what Malikius was talking about. The idea was to get voice chat because if we are just using text there is no reason to not just use the in game chat.
One idea is something like GSC or Xfire, both have free voice chat systems.

I can setup Ventrilo or Teamspeak whenever you guys/gals want. As long as the Fleet Admiral or communications department okays it. Just please decide which you want. TS or Vent. Then what you want it called and if you want it passworded to get in. All the details and I will comply.

Vent is easiest for me to setup but you guys decide.

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