Did I forget to mention....
I LOVE THIS FLEET!!!! Smile That is all.
I'm glad, that you feel at home in our Fleets. Smile
I do man, I really do. I've played with groups of folks over the many years of online gaming.... and I truly believe this is the most solid, outstanding group of folks I've ever played a game with. I mean, you and Mon'T, from day one, have brought me along for Defari runs and STF's, no questions asked. With the other groups I've played with, you would have to earn a slot... which can sometimes ruin a gamers experience.

Just the other day, Chris got me turned on to D&D... I loaded it and love it!
I was very lucky to find you guys... you are a great group to hang out with. I love this fleet (you guys are a great help to Thrawn) and I love the the fleet I just joined (whom Kha'ram joined)

"Use the Force, Harry"- Captain Picard, Lord of The Rings
Indeed. I'm not able to participate as much as I'd sometimes like, but I can say that this fleet gives/interacts more than any other game group I've been part of.
Agreed. As a "new guy" I appreciate everyone being helpful. Just wondering why no one is ever on the Raidcall channel? When I get on I seem to be the only one there, lol.

(06-27-2013, 02:13 PM)ChrisHerr Wrote: I guess it depends on who is scheduling/planning the event-

I really only think about it when I am running a group through an Elite Ground STF, as they are still tricky, especially Into the Hive.

I am planning on running a KDF assault on Nimbus for next Wednesday, and perhaps I can put RaidCall as part of the event! (Though players then to get loud when they are roleplaying their KDF!)

So no one gets on unless they are running a team?

I would tend to just use it in rare cases. Like doing ground stfs

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I've played in many games where guilds/teams/fleets tend to separate "leaders" from lower experienced players and act as elitists.
That never happened here. Chatting is something I usually avoid in many games, but here is not rare for me to activate cloak and forget about mission for half an hour (often ending on other side of map because I forgot to turn of engines).
And yesterday I was smashed like an ant under elephant in my first ever PvP, it was fun Big Grin

There's something else that I noticed, few days ago there were 14 players online on Legion at same time!
It doesn't sound as much, but many are aware lack of players on Klingon side, and now with LoR that seems to change, hope that's not just in our fleet!
LoR has helped the legion numbers! It's great that there is now much more choice if we need to make faction based teams for nukara or defera for example. Even if they are untrustworthy, honourless dogs Big Grin

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