Borg STFs
Hey there.
As I'm doing a lot of STFs via the EliteSTF channel, and they don't have a voice chat,
I was wondering if it would be possible for us to run an evening/afternoon for all available people, and do all the optionals for both ground and space stfs including IGE/ISE, KASE/KAGE, CSE/CGE.

If anyone want to participate, please do so, because I doubt that all of us doing STFs via PUG aren't bothered of chaos in the party.

Thank you all Smile
Hi Saarak

If you're using EliteSTF or even PubliceliteSTF then there shouldn't be too much call for chat, especially in space (other than HOSE) - they tend to work on the basis of set tactics. Beyond assigning people (guard in CSE, guards in KASE) and/or tactics (MRRMLL or RML in CSE) then it's all pretty standard fare.

I'm pretty certain the ground ones are the same, but I tend to avoid ground STFs unless I'm in a group where I can mess up without too much stress.
Well I was trying to do ground STFs for the optionals, because the MACO armor require all of them to get the complete costume. ^^
But yeah I agree with you. I was just wondering if we could some STFs together because I always do them alone...It would be fun, wouldn't it ? ^^
It is a lot more fun doing it with a good group of fleet-mates! We did a ground with voice chat and it was really interesting to put a voice to the account name
We should do this sometimes Smile
Just ask in main fleet chat anytime you want to do STFs. You can ussually get some people to join you.

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