New Job - No time :(
Just to let the fleet know that next week I start my new job, so I won't be on much during the day (Central Europe Time) so will be mostly Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

Terrible timing with the LoR expansion, but I don't think I can delay the start to lvl some more Smile
Understandable, my work load has increased quite a bit. Wish I could play STO on my smart phone.
Understood. Don't worry about it. STO and the Academy aren't going anywhere Wink

What??!?! You're leaving me and TP alone on Defara??!?!?! Smile

Understand bro, bills must get paid and food must be purchased, like the boss said, STO and the Academy aren't going anywhere.
Well, it wasn't too bad - as good as a day can be when I'm sat in front of a computer all day but can't play STO..................
Hey, at least you're working.... tons of folks out there that are hurtin'! Smile

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