Poll: What type of rifle do you like the most?
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Full Auto
5 21.74%
High Density Beam
3 13.04%
7 30.43%
Split Beam
8 34.78%
Total 23 vote(s) 100%
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Favorite rifles?
What kind of rifle do you like?

Rifles make good primary or secondary weapons when backed up by pistols or assault weapons (respectively) snipers are nice for sci. officers, who need to stay relatively far from a fight. However, all rifles are good for fast, light damage.

"Use the Force, Harry"- Captain Picard, Lord of The Rings
I love my Terran Task Force High Density Beam Rifle.

1) It looks absolutely badass whilst still looking realistic on a normal character
2) It is a very good general rifle
3) High Density though not as useful as split-beam has very good application if you line up your shot properly - really adds challenge and tactics and immersion to it.

4) of course after a few shots this HDB Rifle can use a spray instead which makes it just as useful as a split-beam.

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