Infected Space Elite
For anyone who hasn't played ISE yet since the LoR release, looks like Cryptic upped the difficulty a bit. The spheres in particular are a lot more nasty. They seem to be a lot more mobile and active. Not even a gravity well was able to hold them. Not sure if this was intended or not as I've seen nothing from Cryptic about it. Anyone here have some insight on that?
Seems they pop more too, once a generator is destroyed.
So being on the ball with the 10% is a good idea
Well, just read that the new movement of the Spheres is a result of a change to Emergency Power to Engines. Instead of the 6 seconds or whatever it was before, they now get 30 seconds, which has the effect of allowing them to move faster much longer then they did before. This seems to make sense from what I've observed. As soon as they are aggroed, they hit EPtE and scatter. They did this before as well, but couldn't get that far because of the short duration.
(05-24-2013, 03:00 PM)martinison Wrote: All in all I think the change is a positive one. Killing an elite scout that not only fights back but makes an effort to maneuver is a lot more rewarding.
(05-23-2013, 03:49 PM)martinison Wrote: Not sure if this was intended or not as I've seen nothing from Cryptic about it. Anyone here have some insight on that?
Cryptic hasn't said much of anything about their constant patching--I have the feeling that they're just trying to keep up with the bugs. To be expected, but frustrating--we should hear something soon.
I think they'll reduce the difficulty a tad from where it is--lots of people are upset about it.
The change isn't too bad for ISE I guess, but has anyone tried Hive lately? I haven't, but I can picture chasing those things around for hours.
Since I started STFS I never tried HSE except once, but we were all killed. I never tried again ^^
I have noticed that it is a little more difficult to battle the spheres and remain alive more
I personally think it's great. It's much more fun to me to have an enemy that fights back and tries to escape rather then just sitting there and letting you hammer on it. As for Hive that one has gotten a tad bit more of a pain in the exhaust port. If you don't take out those two V'ger ships pretty quick you're in for a long fight. but the frustration is all part of the fun. IMO

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