About bridge officers
alrit tomorow it is then meanwhile wat shud i do with the 3.5k dilithium i hav now? thinking of best use into something tradeable
I don't remember if items you can buy with dilithium are trade able or not, but you could try trading them for C-Points since those are account wide and let you buy stuff on the C-Store. Although you probably won't get many C-Points for it.

To be honest, I don't think you need to start over. Obviously the choice is yours, but that's my opinion.

actually i dont want to bother so much tomorow because now that i think of it....im never really having any fun playing the game & being so much of a bother and ending up uninstalling later wud be kind of bad

so sorry gues im leaving wasnt here long really sorry

think il go play repulse this new shooter coming out tomorow
Alright. Good luck to you.

unfortunately that game was terrible and now i got nothing to play -_-
lol I don't know what to tell you

im going to start reintalling the game again ( 3rd time ) wondering if ur still willing to help me transfer what little i got since i proggress thru game very slow and every little head start helps
can i trade the duty officers too? think i got like 20 last i remember being online
edit: got the help ty a lot man

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