"Tour the Universe" - earn up to 2 million EnergyCredits
EDIT: Due to changes coming with the Patch of July 25th, 2013, the description below is no longer applicable as Cryptic added a 4 hour - Cooldown on "Tour the Galaxy".

Alright, you can make up to 2 million Energy Credits in the "Tour the Universe" event. You need to meet the following Criterias for maximum effect:
  • You should be Level 50 (simply for the monetary reward)
  • Your Driver Coil Skill should be set to maximum
  • Your Ship should be equipped with an Assimilated Subtranswarp Engine. It is available from the Task Force Omega Reputation Store. If you just want one for "Tour the Universe", then a Mk X version is totally sufficient.
  • You should have one purple Astrometrics Duty Officer on active Space Duty to reduce your Transwarp Cooldown.
  • You should have done "Tour the Univere" regularly once to gain the "Well Travelled" Accolade and the trait the reduces your Transwarp Cooldown even further.

Your Warp / Singularity Core should allow you to reach Warp Factor 10 and have one or more of the following Suffixes:
  • [Trans] 50% reduced Cooldown on Transwarp
  • [SSS] Slipstream Speed Bonus
  • [SSR] 50% reduced Cooldown on Slipstream
  • [SST] 20% increased Turnrate in Slipstream

Further Tips:
  • The Odyssey / Bortasqu' Cruisers (C-Store) and the Chimera / Peghqu' Heavy Destroyers (1000 Day Veteran reward) have an advanced Quantum Slipstream Drive, that is faster and holds twice as long as regular Quantum Slipstream Drives.
  • Get Diplomatic Immunity and / or Raiding Party granted to further increase your Speed in Sector Space.

Now open the attached picture for the exact steps / route, you need to take and save it to your Desktop.
Please note: Transwarping to Mission start points will cost you 100 Energy Credits. That makes 300 Energy Credits per Route in the worst case. However you will gain at least 199700 Energy Credits per Route.
Have fun and spend those Energy Credits wisely.


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Thanks. I'll need to update the guide with this as another strategy forit.

BEST POST EVAR!!!!! Thanks TP!
I might just be misunderstanding it, but why drop the mission? Don't you hand it in?
(05-09-2013, 06:27 PM)Monty Wrote: I might just be misunderstanding it, but why drop the mission? Don't you hand it in?
Nope. You don't turn it in. Under normal circumstances it disappears when all listed Sector Blocks are completed.. Since we do just 4 Sector Blocks, you need to drop the Mission in order to get it again from Captain Yim / Targak.
Thank you very much TP !
Initial Post has been updated to accomodate changes coming with Legacy of Romulus.
Just been playing with a slightly different route that plays on the same principle. This is for Fed only.

1. Get mission.
2. Whooshdrive (Quantum Slipstream) down to the Gamma Transwarp Conduit.
3. QS through the centre of Gamma Orionis to Pelia.
4. 180 degree turn, back through Gamma Orionis to the Conduit.
5. Head down to Eta Eridani.
6. QS to the other end. (If this is your 2nd or more lap, transwarp cooldown should be nearly finished by this point)
7. As soon as you clear Eta Eridani, Transwarp back to Earth Spacedock. Drop mission, get it again.

That's an easy 150,000 EC in under five minutes (lag and loading times permitting). I was using a blue astrometrics officer so cooldown on transwarp was five minutes - using a purple will take it under that. I also have an SSR-capable warp drive so Quantum Slipstream is on about a 1 minute cooldown. Raiding Party/Diplomatic immunity will shave a few seconds off here and there, so it's possible to do at least 12 laps of these 3 areas in the hour - that's 1.8 million EC. With a little practice, purple DOFF and the transwarp-to-mission method from above, it should be possible to improve this further. Will experiment next time...

Edit : timed the run. It's five mins give or take a few seconds from hitting TW to being able to move again (i.e. after arrival animation) with purple DOFF. The cooldown timer is rather imprecise (by just under a minute) so used a clock.
(06-15-2013, 10:39 PM)Sidorna Wrote: I was using a blue astrometrics officer so cooldown on transwarp was five minutes - using a purple will take it under that
I use a purple Astrometrics DOFF and have the Well Travelled Trait, but the Transwarp Cooldown never goes below 5 minutes, so I want to see proof for your statement. Smile
I haven't tried this yet.. like at all... I think I'll give it a shot this week Smile

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