LoR - Good information

It's a bit of a read, but clears up some things. Including confirmation on Reman toons -


[Terilynn] There seems to be a bit of confusion about the ability to unlock Reman play. Can you clarify if a current Federation or Klingon player be able to unlock Reman play by accessing the Romulan reputation system, or will that only be limited to completing Romulan reputation as a Romulan player?
[dStahl] All accounts will have the ability to unlock the Reman species, which is an exclusive species to the Romulan Republic, in one of two ways: they can either purchase the species unlock, or they can earn it by achieving maximum tier in the Romulan Reputation with a captain of any faction. A FED or KDF captain that has already achieved max tier in the reputation has already unlocked the Reman species and it will be available for them when they go to create a new Romulan character after May 21

So it appears a lot of us will have to do nothing to start up a Reman, which is very cool indeed!

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