I checked it out during the beta. It seems like a cool game but I don't plan on playing it and therefore won't be starting a guild over there. As you, I just don't have the time for it.

I downloaded Neverwinter during the Great Mail Fiasco because somebody on one of the forums said you could delete your STO mail at the Neverwinter or Champions Online mail boxes. I didn't have any luck doing that, but I got far enough into the game to be favorably impressed. It has some nice features in terms of navigation and seems to have interesting story lines. I probably won't be spending any more time there unless there's a major crash on STO.

It was really weird to be running around an ancient castle while my chat window was being filled with STO chat messages.

I was less impressed with Champions Online. I didn't get as far into it as I did Neverwinter, but that was because the game instructions were badly written and the graphics weren't to my taste. ("Go destroy some alien pods," but we're not going to tell you what they look like, where they are, or how to destroy them if you ever find them.) Besides, I had pretty much concluded that i wasn't going to have any better luck in deleting my STO mail than I did in Neverwinter, so I left my big goofy cartoon character to his own devices and went back to Neverwinter until STO came back on line.

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