Dilithium Missions
Actually, there are quite a few "instant missions" you can do to get Dilithium quickly. I do one of the "Broken Console" mission sets. There are at least two sets available at the wall console across the hall from the Transporter Room at ESD. There have been similar missions at the Starfleet Academy bank/mail/exchange counter, but those tend to come and go so I stopped doing them. On the KDF side, Broken Console is available at the console tucked in the corner behind the foundry area on Qo'Nos. There are also missions available at DS9 and Drozana Station. I'm sure there are others, but they can be hard to find in the Community Authored mission directory.

Another, not quite so quick, way to get Dilithium is to do the Kerrat missions (there are two and they can be done simultaneously to get double dilithium). Doing Kerrat three times takes about forty minutes, but you can repeat it over and over (unlike the "Investigate Officer Reports" missions).


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