Team Missions
So yesterday I got a chance to play with some of you good folks, and had a great time. I hesitated a long time to pick up this game, because I'm not a social gamer--I like to work through a story on my own, and generally eschew multiplayer games. But I'm seeing the appeal now that I'm a part of this community.

Anyway, I had a couple crazy ideas. I honestly don't have tons of time to play, so I don't know about planning an event or anything--just wanted to throw these out there too see if they'd work.
  • Like Hijaak mentioned in another thread, I love mowing down borg with my bat'leth--what about a melee weapon only ground STF (or even Defera)?
  • I've never tried PvP before (see above) but wouldn't it be cool to host our very own bat'leth tournament?
  • I've played the Vault Shuttle event several times, and lose every time (another issue entierly)...but enjoy my delta flyer. What about teaming up to do a shuttle only mission--that's not intended for shuttles? We'd probably get blown to pieces, but could be fun. Smile
  • From what I've seen, not all Foundry missions are great for multiplayer--but it might be fun to run some with this group. Left for Dead springs to mind...not terribly challenging, but the whole 'motley crew running from zombies' angle is fun.

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