Roscoe's Skill Tree
Hello Everyone,
I just posted my Skill Tree on the build share page and here. I'm trying to figure out what skills I can reduce to put 9 back in warp coil. Roscoe is a engineer who is flying a tactical escrot retrofit.

Thanks all!
May I suggest to start that you also link your skill tree here. Second there are very few skills worth putting a full 9 in as the last 3 points give very small returns.
his Build
Blackmage is correct, try to avoid putting 9 points into anything unless its desperately needed.

To answer your question specifically, you could take 2 points out of projectile specialisation to fill warp core potential which is what i assume you mean by warp coil?

The drawback of such would be negligible as the last 3 points do very little as said above and you only have one torpedo so you probably don't need to invest so many points into it Smile

if you mean driver coil i would personally avoid it as it gives you virtually no benefit unless you plan to tour the universe alot. A quicker way to get around is to just transwarp to mission destinations

Edit: just a minor addition, i see you use two tactical teams and a science team, i believe the cooldowns clash so you may be better off replacing science team with transfer shield strength.

but they are many others on these forums more qualified than I so take there word over my own should they disagree xD

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