Poll: TacPaddy's romulan Toon: What Gender / Career?
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Female / Engineering
6 30.00%
Male / Engineering
5 25.00%
Female / Science
4 20.00%
Male / Science
0 0%
Female / Tactical
2 10.00%
Male / Tactical
3 15.00%
Total 20 vote(s) 100%
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You decide on TacPaddy's upcoming romulan Character!
Wanna vent your warp plasma over my starboard nacelle?
(04-22-2013, 07:09 PM)Monty Wrote: Wanna vent your warp plasma over my starboard nacelle?
Still not dignifying that with a response. Big Grin
I'm looking forward to rolling an Engi. If it wasn't for Roms, I would have rolled a KDF Eng. As it is, I can try out the new race AND a new style of playing.

Female, of course..................
I pointed at Female/Science. Reason is fairly simple. That's about the farthest thing from what you've been playing! Big Grin

Well I don't see much synergy between SCI cpt powers and Warbirds.
TAC let's you spike up that damage after leaving cloak,
ENG will help much with overall lower power levels of Warbirds
SCI ... well you can buff/debuff area and fire subnucleonic beam - not much synergy there.

Bonus trait for singularity recharge is available to all ROM's.
SCI has trait with bonus to exotic damage, but you need science Boff stations for that which Warbirs lack throughout the board.

Reasuming ENG is you want to try something else than TAC.
SCI if you feel lucky for new ships/undiscovered mechanics that I don't see.
Alright, it's time for another progress report. So far (as of 04/25/13 12:15 UTC) 14 Votes have been cast, which constitutes 35% of the necessary votes, that will oblige me to follow your will.

Out of the 14 votes, six votes have been cast for male characters, while the remaining eight have been cast for female characters. The current leading choice is a male Engineer.

Btw, since most of you can't resist the urge to reason their decisions, I'll give you another matter to put an opinion on. These are my preliminary Skill sets for the Careers in question: Engineering, Science and Tactical.

Have a look at them and "rant" away.

Thanks for posting those builds!! I think I'm going for the Engineer.
I'll be making more of a tanking engineer I think. Looking forward to getting the agro so the team can fire away happily. Very different from what my tactical char can do!
I'm looking forward to trying a tac myself; I picked up the starter pack today for the T'varo retrofit, so there will be all sorts of sneaky torpedo goodness. Smile
I'm going Rom/Borg female Engineer. Looking forward to it.

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