Legacy of Romulus - Legacy / Starter Pack
I was just on the STO Website and discovered this. Honestly, I'm not sure what to think of this. The Expansion isn't yet released and we haven't even got the chance to test the Romulans on Tribble. Yet Cryptic found another way to make horrendous amounts of money.
You see the Legacy Pack??!?!?!?!! That's a helluva ton of stuff for $185. All the ship unlocks are worth that price alone.
When I first saw it I was thinking "WHAT? Let me rend their limbs from their bodies with a blunt and rusty Bat'leth!". Then I thought - how is it really different than the Zen for the packs in game? I'll wager a bottle of Bloodwine and 1 hour with one of my Orion officers that everything in the pack is available from the C-Store.

Ultimately I think it's aimed to get new subscribers, with how it's all worded and everything. Still, it's not great as a player to read it..........
I'll order the starter pack just for the title.... probably won't be able to get that in the C-Store Smile
Scorpion looks very cool. Darn it, Cryptic - just let me get my wages sent directly to you!
(04-18-2013, 03:42 PM)Monty Wrote: Scorpion looks very cool. Darn it, Cryptic - just let me get my wages sent directly to you!
My brother, I'm totally feeling your pain. I'm actually sitting here, at my desk, trying to figure out how to buy the Legacy pack without my wife knowing... ugh, my life. Smile
Ya its probably worth it for the ship unlocks alone but on that note dont really feel the need to drop that money on the game right now.
I'm a bit torn. Obviously I'm keen to make the most of Legacy of Romulus, and the new ships would be really fun in the Legacy pack - but 80 quid is a lot. I'm much more likely to pick up the starter pack I think, and then invest in one or two C-store ships a little way down the line when I know which types of Warbird I enjoyed the most.


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