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Master of the universe Quiz!
This quiz may not be as challenenging as the kobayashi maru, but it will help determine your unoffical starfleet rank.

1)in the TNG episode "the child" Troi has a babby. What is it name?
A) Jean-Luc
B) Edward
C) lan

2)This Klingon moon was destroyed in the undiscovered country.
A) Klinonia
B) Praxis
C) Garacht

3)When did Spock say the line "it's life, Jim, but not as we know it"?
A) The Motion Picture
B) The gamesters of Triskelion
C) it was never said

4)Which officer was not killed onscreen?
A) Jadzia Dax
B) B'elanna Torres
C) Tasha Yar

5) in the TNG episode "Relics" How did Scotty get to the 24th century?
A) Slingshot around a star
B) Put himself in a transporter buffer
C) Used the guardian of forever

6) This character declares herself Empress of the Terran Empire in the Mirror Universe timeline.
A) Nyota Uhura
B) Seven of Nine
C) Hoshi Sato

7) What scientist did Q bring aboard Voyager to help prove his case in the episode "Death Wish"?
A) Albert Einstein
B) Stephen Hawking
C) Isaac Newton

8) Data sings a song at Riker and Troi's wedding reception in nemesis. Who wrote it?
A) Irving Berlin
B) Cole Porter
C) Frank Sinatra

9) in the TNG episode "Qpid," Picard was cast as RObin Hood by Q: who was cast as Friar Tuck?
A) La Forge
B) Data
C) Worf

10) What is the race of Deep Space Nine's security cheif, Odo?
A) Changeling
B) Cardassian
C) Jem'Hadar

11) On the Enterprise episode "Carbon Creek," what does T'pol's great-grandmother introduce to Earth in 1957?
A) Teflon
B) Liquid Paper
C) Velcro

12) Star Trek (2009) was the frist time this director appeared in a film he didn't produce.
A) Woody Allen
B) Kevin Smith
C) Tyler Perry

13) The Uss Enterprise's Orginal mission was to be five years: how long was Voyager's supposed to last?
A) 3 weeks
B) 7 years
C) 27 years

14) On the TNG episode "Chain of Command, part ll," how many lights are there?
A) There are three lights.
B) There are four lights.
C) There are five lights.

15) In the Undiscovered Country, a main character from which Trek series (other than TOS) appears prominetly?
A) Deep Space Nine
B) Voyager
C) Enterprise

16) What illegal substance made women in TOS "Mudd's Women" appear more attractive?
A) Masiform D
B) Melange
C) Venus

17) In Insurrection, Worf gets this embarrassing condition as a result of the Ba'ku world's metaphasic radiation.
A) A smooth forhead
B) A high-pitched voice
C) A pimple

18) In The Voyage Home, the crew transports this paiur of whales to the 23rd century.
A) George and Gracie
B) Frankie and Johnny
C) Fred and Ginger

19) Who wrote the episode "The City on the Edge of Forever"?
A) Harlan Ellison
B) Philip K. Dick
C) Issac Asimov

20) In thw wrath of Khan, Bones gives Kirk eyeglasses due to:
A) A dangerous light conditions on Ceti Alpha V
B) An allergy to Retinax V
C) an attempt to impress Saavik

21) When did Guinan first meet Picard?
A) As children in France
B) In 1893 San Francisco
C) In the Nexus

22) Which character was never captain of the Enterprise?
A) Archer
B) Pike
C) Janeway

23) Barclay's phobia of this could have jeopardized his starfleet career.
A) Vulcans
B) Warp Travel
C) Transporter

24) Which species of Xindi did not appear on Enterprise?
A) Avian
B) Aquatic
C) Insectoid

25) On Voyager, it is revealed that one directive overrides the Prime Directive. What is it?
A) The Alpha Directive
B) The Omega Directive
C) Directive 66

26)WHich young actor played the creepy alien god-child Balok on the 1966 episode "The Corbomite Maneuver"?
A) Clint Howard
B) Butch Patrick
C) Jerry Matters

27) In Star Trek (2009), what unexpected object is seen during the destruction of Vulcan?
A) R2-D2
B) A WWll fighter plane
C) A Roman chariot

28) On the Animated Series episode "The Terrattin Incident," an energy beam causes the Enterprise crew to:
A) Devolve
B) Age prematurely
C) Shrink

29)Which of these actors never directed a Star Trek Film?
A) Leonard Nimoy
B) Jonathan Frakes
C) Patrick Stewart

30) On DS9, why does Curzon Dax recommend Jadzia be dropped from the Trill initiate program?
A) He is in love with her.
B) He is under Cardassian influence.
C) She is uneducated.

31) Through more the 700 Tv episodes, Star Trek has won only one nontechnical Emmy award. What was it for?
A) Supporting Actor, 1968, Leonard Nimoy, TOS
B) Children's series, 1975, The Animated Series
C) Writing, 994, "All Good Things..." TNG

32) On Voyager, Chakotay occasionally goes on vision quest. What animal is his spirit guide?
A) Coyote
B) Wolf
C) Eagle

33) How many Star Trek films have there been, including the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness?
A) 8
B) 10
C) 12

34)Chekov claims Scotch whisky was inveted by:
A) His ancestor, Anton Chekhov
B) a fat man from Moscow
C) a little lady from Leninggrad

35) In First Contact, what song does Zefram Cochrane play for The Phoenix's first warp flight?
A) "magic Carpet Ride" by Steppenwolf
B) "Ooby Dooby" by Roy Orbison
C) "Rocket Man" by Elton John

36) In Star Trek (2009), Scotty keeps what creature in his lab on planet Delta Vega?
A) Tribble
B) Hypnotoad
C) Targ

37) In The Wrath of Khan, we learn that Kirk's Infamous solution to unwinnable Kobayashi Maru test was to cheat - What was Spock's?
A) He failed.
B) He didn't try.
C) He sacrificed himself.

38) In Generations, Picard states that one of his ancestors won the Nobel Prize; for what?
A) Physics
B) Chemistry
C) Peace

39) WHich human character once carried the Katra of Surak, the ancient Vulcan prophet.
A) Jonathan Archer
B) Benjamin Sisko
C) Harry Kim

40) In "The Deadly Years," Kirk threatened to use this (nonexistent) device to destroy all mater within a "200,00-km diameter":
A) Firomactal-X
B) Corbomite
C) Duranium

41) Khan Noonien Singh's unnamed men in The Wrath of Khan may look familiar to some viewers. They were:
A) The Bay City Rollers
B) Children's singers The Bugles
C) Chippendales dancers

42) Klingon Bloodwine is unavailable in Ten Forward; Worf enjoys what in its place?
A) Earl Grey Tea
B) Prune juice
C) cardassian ale

43) After destroying the Xindi weapon, where does the Enterprise crew find themselves?
A) Back on their first mission
B) Mirror universe San Francisco
C) Nazi-controlled New York

44) On DS9, what substance are all Jem'Hadar addicted to from birth?
A) Ketracel-White
B) Neurozine
C) Trellium-D

45) What is the name of the pet fish Picard kept in his ready room aboard the Enterprise?
A) Magellan
B) Livingston
C) darwin

46) In The Voyage Home, Kirk and crew use the sun as a slingshot to go back in time. In which TOS episode does the Enterprise (accidentally) time-travel the same way?
A) "Tomorrow is Yesterday"
B) "Return to Tomorrow"
C) "All Our Yesterdays"

47) The acronym GNDN is written on many pipes and ducts on The Orginal Series. What does it stand for?
A) Galvanized Nucleic Disposal Node
B) Gunnery Nozzle for DuPont Napalm
C) Goes Nowhere Does Nothing

48) How was Enterprise's Doctor Phlox injured in San Francisco:
A) Earth Virus
B) Terrorist Bombing
C) Xenophobic assault

49) which of the following does Bones Never say?
A) "I'm a doctor, not an engineer."
B) "I'm a doctor, not a bricklayer."
C) "I'm a doctor, not a carpenter."

50) Before creating Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry was:
A) An LAPD officer
B) A professional tennis player
C) A traveling salesman

1)C 2)B 3)C 4)B 5)B 6)C 7)C 8)A 9)B 10)A 11)C 12)C 13)A 14)B 15)B 16)C 17)C 18)A 19)A 20)B 21)B 22)C 23)C 24)A 25) B
26)A 27)A 28)C 29)C 30)A 31)B 32)B 33)C 34)C 35)A 36)A 37)B 38)B 39)A 40)B 41)C 42)B 43)C 44)A 45)B 46)A 47)C 48)C 49)C 50)A

Your Score
0-10 CADET Get back to Starfleet Academy!
11-20 ENSIGN You've been assigned to the Enterprise!
21-30 LIEUTENANT You're on your way to a command post.
31-40 FIRST OFFICER You have the bridge No. 1.
41-50 CAPTAIN You will live long and prosper.
This is good stuff right here!!! Excellent post. I must say, I'm still Captain Tongue (maybe Capt. Morgan, WOOT!)
I did not design the quiz just thought I share it. when I 1st took it I got 46/50 right.
just 26 Sad Oh, I'm such a redshirt
"He's dead Jim"- Bones

24 correct.

"Use the Force, Harry"- Captain Picard, Lord of The Rings
Changing my name to GNDNbutSTO, I scored 47

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