Jonesing for a Bortasqu'
So, I've really been wanting a Bortasqu' Tactical Cruiser, but I'm afraid to spend the Zen, because I'm not too sure how practicle they are in PvE / PvP due to turning speed. After being on the bridge for First Contact event, I REALLY want one now.... Can anyone give good feedback on the plus / minus of this beast? Any thoughts on the Guramba Destroyer?? Two looks I like, but are expensive IMHO.
I've been wondering too--but there may be another option.

The Bortas is a fleet ship that doesn't require fleet moduels. It's 200,000 fleet marks (still a large investment), and as far as i can figure, it's the "basic" version of the Bortas'qu ships. It may require a tier 5 ship yard though, as the FDF is at tier 3 I believe.
I'd been thinking more and more about this ship--until I noticed the 5.5 turn rate. How do people think about that?

@Raifin, you mention the beam boat build, and that's something I prefer with my cruisers--all beams with a couple turrets thrown in. But I've never flown anything with a turn rate lower than 9.

Also, pleading ignorance: what do you mean by "try to get one on Tribble?" I know that's the test server, but I'd assumed it was played more or less like the actual game, but with beta stuff/works in progress. Which is why I've stayed away from it--I'm not great with playtesting.
But if there's an opportunity to try stuff out before investing in it--that's a different story.
(04-09-2013, 03:02 PM)tobiasosir Wrote: It may require a tier 5 ship yard though, as the FDF is at tier 3 I believe.
Just out of curiosity, I keep seeing you using FDF as an abbreviation for the "Klingon Defense Forces". You know, it's KDF, right? Wink
The opportunity to try it out before investing works like so.

Step 1 : Clone current character to tribble who can buy ship you want.

Step 2: Buy ship on tribble fly it around

Step 3: If you like it then buy it on the Holodeck, if not then no loss to your mains money/fleet marks/whatever

Step 4: Delete character and reclone it over to try again with different ship.
lol...a typo. I swear I'm saying "KDF" in my head as I type!

@Blackmage86, thanks for the head's up. I might try that on the weekend; I'd actually thought of buying two character slots and playing through the Fed faction from the beginning, just to try some different ships--this will save me the trouble (and the money).
Chris is giving some solid advice. I certainly wouldn't even consider a Bortas for PvP unless you were doing a healboat, and even then I'm not sure.

PvE is fine since you can just fill it with guns and park yourself in place.

You also mentioned the Guramba, however. I love this ship! I've had a great time with it in the past, and can't recommend it enough. Great stuff. Very solid, and capable of some nice damage (I'm plotting a build with a Torpedo and a Dual Beam Bank in order to stack up spike damage!). It's fine in PvP too, I reckon.

Why not a Command Bor? It comes with Sensor Analysis which debuffs a targets resistance.

The only difference is the power settings (+10 Weapon and +10 Shields as opposed to +15 Weapon) and the console slots (4 Tact and 2 Sci as opposed to 5 Tact and 1 Sci). You can use the extra sci slot for a Universal, and with Sensor Analysis you'll debuff your target so you, the Bird of Prey pet (Assuming you slap it on there) and any allies will do more damage to the target.
Quite glad I stumbled on this thread since I'm sitting on some zen and have been pondering the exact same thing! Have you made any decision yet?

I'm very much in 2 minds as to whether or not I 'need' these ships (since I'd def buy the pack) as frankly, my Negh'Var collection works as DHC/turrets, beamboats and all things inbetween for me with the advantage of a superior turn rate.

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