Roleplaying threads?
I like this idea, you honourless Human! Write up a bio for you char, or I'll feed you to a begging Gorn
(04-09-2013, 10:50 AM)Hijaak Wrote: I've actually seen a few people in STO Fleet chat who roleplay (at leas that's what it looked like). Hell, I would have fun... might even get into it. I've really wanted to work on an awesome bio and base my play style off that.
You mean STO Chat Channel, don't you?
Most interesting.

I suspect I'll take a little time to create some bios for my toons as time goes along. I don't RP any of them in fleet chat, but when I hit a conversation with someone I don't know, then it's time for a little amusement.

Zane (Fed Tac)- Well, he doesn't require much RP since he's essentially me in any case.

Diana (Fed Sci)- She's liberated Borg and still finding her way around in "normal" human company. The order of the Sciences and Starfleet is a comfort to her since she no longer has the order of the Collective in her mind. On the other hand, the Collective is a complete stifling of individual creativity and knowledge, so it is to be broken at every turn. Don't make a pass at her, she's not interested. (And I wouldn't RP that either beyond "Get lost")

K'leela (KDF Tac)- Daughter of the minor House of Restagh, she is painfully conscious of the low status of her House. Perhaps due to that, she is extremely formal in her dealings with others. Honor is all and the strength of arms is to be tested honorably at any chance. She has fought her way to the top ranks of the KDF with a crack bridge team of widely mixed skills. Appearance means nothing, ability does, so several subordinate races have members in her crew. Being in that crew is a challenge as K'leela will not hesitate to execute a crew member for incompetence. Challenging her is extremely dangerous also. She can and will remove a challengers heart with a Batleth and show it to the challenger as death comes to claim the fool.

Hmm, I kinda got into a roll with that lol.

(04-09-2013, 07:17 PM)Monty Wrote: I like this idea, you honourless Human! Write up a bio for you char, or I'll feed you to a begging GornYou mean STO Chat Channel, don't you?
Yes sir!!!! *Hijaak Sits in the corner* LOL
Cool, looks like there's some interest. I'll start a thread where we can introduce our characters...

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