Odyssey Fleet Uniform
Either I'm missing something or the Militia does not have access to a fleet uniform yet? If that's the case, is it trade-able? Can I get one and how much?? I keep going to the vendor and he keeps telling me we need a tier to have access.
Thanks Chris, will do!!!!
Hey all, I'm going to jump on this afternoon between 2pm - 4pm EST. If anyone is around who can throw an invite to the core fleet, I'd like to pickup the uniform Smile I'm just sayin'...
just ask in game Hijaak
Will do! Thanks Jstagg!!
I wonder if this is a similar issue to a question I had: where can I get pieces of the Bortas uniform for KDF?
I went and changed my fleet uniform option to fit what's on the site here, but don't have access to the Bortas pieces (arms and legs). Is it because I'm not high enough level (I noticed that you get more pieces as you level), or is it a fleet unlock thing? Or do I need to get the Bortas ships first?

Not a huge issue; I made what I think is a decent approximation, Smile
The uniform should already unlocked on the Legion base. Just pop to the base tailor and grab it!
I'm all set with Odyssey!!! Thanks for the help Hemlock!!

I purchased the Legion uniform over the last weekend and am rocking it in a slot as well. In fact, I've already purchased extra uniform slots for all my toons... LOL I don't know why I find it so enjoyable to play dress up and dress my boff's... I'm disturbed about this new behavior of mine.
It's a great side game - shame about the fact that you can't see chat while in the tailor system Sad

I have 4 options on both Mon'T and Monti - everyday uniform, Fleet uniform, Winter Coat. Monti then has Off Duty and Mon'T has the HG outfit.
Yea, it is a great side to the game... it is a shame no chat, that should be a fix Smile

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