I was wondering if I can cancel a account that I setup as a F2P free account that I don't want anymore and if so how do I do it? Also, on a similar point do I get another ship at Lt.? I have gone to the Admiral in SFA but he will not offer me the new ship.

I would appreciate any help on these matters guys. Also, I have 5 friends that I will be bringing into the game that I am going to ask to join the Star Fleet Academy.
I'm not sure how canceling accounts works. I am pretty sure that now you get a new ship at each rank except Vice Admiral.

Thanks for the info. I have sent in a ticket but no reply yet. I noticed a few bugs still in the program. Like in the Duty officers I can't get two of the missions to give me up my rewards. It's stuck in completed mode. Very irritating. I really would like to fly with the fleet members sometime. Anyway, thanks for the info.
Those two duty officer missions might be recruitment missions. You can only have 100 duty officers. So if you already have 100 and try to accept the rewards from a recruitment mission then it won't work.

Hello. I'm not a prior player before the game became F2P, but I must say. What an awesome game! Played just a day and I'm already Lieutenant Commander. Game is so much fun. There is so much to do. To be honest I haven't really even heard of the game until yesterday... Yes shocker?

Thanks to MMOHUT video reviews on Youtube.

Btw, I just did a google search and I just so happen to find this website. I like it alot! It's been really helpful to me and I'm new! Not saying people in game aren't willing to help in game, but meh I'd rather do my own research without being a bother.

Just wanted to say since the game went F2P. I got to play it, which lead me to finding your website. Great job on it, really. I mean it. You'll see a lot more of me on here.
Big Grin I'm glad to hear it!! If you ever have suggestions for the site feel free to let me know. We also have a YouTube channel with a lot of helpful videos so definitely check it out.


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