Adapted HG Ground Set XII Costume
So, I finally got the Ground XII Adapted HG set (currently on a Boff, not sure if I'll wear it) and also unlocked the costume option for it.

I wasn't blown away - it wasn't so different from the normal HG XII costume but has larger decorations and different boots. But Mon'T hadn't run any projects for a while so it was a great excuse to churn out some Space eSTFs!

You can also mix and match them, so in the tailor option you choose Honor Guard in the same way that you choose Uniform or Off Duty on a fed, then the drop downs show which options you've unlocked, allowing you to have the HG belt with the Adapted HG boots, for example.

Here she is, posing by the Loresinger in the Klingon Academy.

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It did see me taking a much more active role on PulicEliteSTF. "LF4M.............." was something I almost made in to a keybind

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