So, am I making too much of the game, or is it as complex as I found it to be on day 1?

Skills, Boffs, Doffs, STF, WTF??? I still seem a bit overwhelmed when it comes to bridge officer build on ground and space and traits. Duty officers, from my take, are good for missions... not sure how it all ties in with crew compliment in space and ground, even though I have 5 officers assigned to each. Builds? completely lost here.... I'm going off one build I found, but I primarily use phaser cannons and quantum torps. I spend a lot of time looking around, but can't really focus on something specific that I want my toon to be.

I'm a damage guy, don't like to tank or heal at all... but I know I need some tanking to survive in STFs. I hope my post didn't make your eyes water from laughing so hard, I tend to look into things and make them more difficult than need be Smile

Any direction or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Most of the stuff I've been reading is at least a year old.
One of the most important thing to keep in mind when building space ships is to keep to a single energy type and also to pick a single arc type.

What I mean here is all energy weapons should be the same, whether phaser or tet or whatever you like, and all torps should be the same type as each other.

As to the Arc comment, there are two primary arc types used in this game. Forward firing ships, ussually escorts using cannons, which are very high damage in exchange for only being able to shot a limited (90 degree) area or Broadside in which you fly sideways so your fore and aft beam arrays can fire at them at once.
Nah, this is a rather challenging game in many ways, with a lot of complicated options to master. Certainly, it has taken me months of playing, experimenting, and reading to work out my own methods for the game, and there are still people I see from time to time who can blow me away in terms of capability.
On skills, here's what I'm using (more or less) on my current KDF Tac toon. It's a very dps-focused build, as tac officers can afford to be, but still has some defensive and healing capabilities. Of particular note are my bridge officer slots. I use an Attack-Pattern heavy build, although I do have one copy of Cannon:Rapid Fire and one of Cannon:Scatter Volley.


The Scourge has a science-heavy boff layout, similar to the Fed Tier 4 Advanced Escort, although the layout could be replicated on several of the higher-tier escorts with universal boff slots.

I use all Efficient Boffs, consisting of my KDF Borg Boff and 4 Letheans with the Efficient trait. You could do something similar Fed-side with Saurians, although as you also have the option of using Humans with Leadership, you could go All Human, or mix Humans and Saurians.

I can't give you much Doff advice, as I am still working out my own Doff layout, and really its something you could switch around a lot anyway for different types of games.
Take it slowly. Fortunately doffing is something that you can explore in time - you might then think that you've wasted so much time, but at least your head doesn't explode!

There aren't many Holy Grails in this game. By that I mean that, as an example, TacPaddy and I have a KDF tactical char. His build is different to mine. He works really well in one ship, I don't get on with it at all. I prefer another ship that he just doesn't sit well in.

Don't try to be a great man. Just try to be a man, and let history take care of itself.

Many people will disagree with me here - but concentrate on 1 type of play, 1 ship. If you're a tactical captain, think Dual Heavy Cannons in an Escort type ship. Then when you're looking at your build, think damage, hitting and awesomeness. A lot of the descriptions are very good at helping you think if you need something. Threat Control means you're more likely to pull agro - super for a tank, sucks for a tac.

Just take baby steps and get used to one thing before piling more on the plate! It's supposed to be fun :p
Monty Wrote:Many people will disagree with me here - but concentrate on 1 type of play, 1 ship. If you're a tactical captain, think Dual Heavy Cannons in an Escort type ship.

I agree with this till you get to ~30 or so. After that point you should have a good understanding of what is going on and you can try other ships. Even then however its still good to stick primarily to a single type.
Ya'll must be laughing hard at me right now. I've literally got a dozen ships on Zane. I've sorted them down to different ways of fighting and different weapon loadouts as well. Odyssey is set up as a phaser beam boat; Mirror Patrol Escort set up as forward firing phaser cannon ship (now with 3 Fleet cannons and Fleet shields); Mirror Adv Escort is being setup as a plasma ship; Chell Grett is a polaron cannon ship.. etc. I've had all kinds of fun tinkering with different ideas on these things.

What I need now is a bottomless well of Fleet credits and dilithium! Rolleyes


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