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Hey all, was just looking for a bit of advice with the skill tree from anyone experienced with engineers Smile I have my Science and Tactical character up to a decent standard finally and i'm in the process of leveling up an Engineer.

i would rather not have to buy even more retrain tokens (at least not for a while) and just get it right first time, but this is my first eng so i'm a little unsure.
i was planning to only fly cruisers on my Eng so we can disregard any skills not useful for that.

Here is a rough first draft of a skill tree but its probably far from optimal. would appreciate any feedback Smile

for e.g. should i divide points between energy and projectile weapons? or shall i take points from inertial dampeners/plasma systems instead? can i even get good use out of torpedoes with such a slow turn rate?
i would probably add a single forward launcher but is that worth putting many skill points into?

note: i'm giving this character a space focus, I've made an alien with purely space traits so i'd be putting as many points into space as possible.

- Will
If you put a maximum of points into skills, you can cover more of them. The last 3 points don't provide much of a bonus and therefore can be left out.

I'd also recommend filling out the bridge officer skills for your ship. That will provide recommendations on where to put your skill points.

Now here's my question, what are you expecting to do as an Eng in a Cruiser? Generally speaking that is the perfect combination for a tank which means you distract the enemy and take all the hits so your team can do damage. You don't need to do that, but I'm just curious what you expect from the build.

We had a quick chat in game about it, and I suggested talking to the awesome tank but forgot the name.
I'd say tanky DPS would be the goal. Tanking is nice but i also want to be able to dish out some hurt so if i'm playing on my own i'm not shooting at something for 3 hours before it goes down.
The ship comes with 4 tactical slots and a ltcmd tactical station so i imagine its among the best cruisers for dealing hurt.
I've refined the build a little, it now includes Boffs, items and a remade skill tree. I think it looks better but you guys are the experts.

(same link as before)

Have a look at this build just to give you a idea , a crusier that has +5 to all subsystems when hitting full power to 1 system it will hit @ 100 = 125 @ 50 = 70 @ 25 = 50

Its the 9.3k build also take a look at the videos

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