Winchester's STF/PVP defence/Power levels edited builds
Hi all my Wincester,

After reading sto forums over the years I have found lots on nice builds.
But I feel I can make them better by editing them to save on over spent skill points.

info can be found here about spending skill points.
Folcwin's Starship Skill Point Effects Table

I have also edited them to have more Attack, Defense and Power Subsystems.
aka defence resistance bonus which is worked out by your speed from your engines.
For this I will use Lord Havelock's Ship Power Guide and Calculator which I found on the sto forums.

Power levels that affect the performance of the various subsystems.
In general, the higher the power, the better the performance of the system.
The general rule of thumb for subsystem power levels is as follows.

this is the same for all subsystems.

At power level 25, the system is on, but just barely functional.
Power settings 50 is the base performance level of the subsystem (i.e. 1x).
Power level of 70 is 2x the base.
Power level 100 is 3x the base.
Power level 125 is 4x the base.

So your primary Subsystems will run at 125
and secondary will run at 70 ( which for me as an escort is 2x defence )

info on power and defence can be found here.

I leave you with a word for great captians.

Kirk "Don't! Don't let them promote you.
Don't let them transfer you.
Don't let them do *anything* that takes you off the bridge of that ship,
because while you're there... you can make a difference."

But the best words come from our Fleet Admiral Attilio
" it's your ship, So build your ship around the your Player ability because you are the Captain "

I take no credit all thanks goes to the makers.

This build was made with the help of cmdrskyfaller, thank you for your build info.

I have edited just the engine power to fly at 70% which is full 80% defence,
this will help in pve and pvp.

please read the build notes for firing torpedoes.

this b'rel build has the best hull dps i have ever seen

here is a good crusier build ( 9k DPS Assault Cruiser Refit Aux2Batt PVE build & ISE in 6m 30s )
made by sp3ky so a big thank you.
This build I have saved on points that were over spent and boosted power and defence.

9k DPS Assault Cruiser Refit Aux2Batt PVE build & ISE in 6m 30s

Great info. I always try to get as much of a boost to subsystems as possible. For example, I have my weapons setting at around 65 or 70 if I recall correctly, but with bonuses it reaches nearly 100. This let's me put power into other systems as well that might also be useful.

I enjoyed reading this. interesting...

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