Boff Workout - Trial by Borg
Hi all

I made myself a Boff Grinder, but until it's played and reviewed a few times (and it appears by people other than me!) I don't actually get any dili, which is annoying.

So, please search in the reviewing section for something from the title, which is the title of the thread (Boff Workout - Trial by Borg) and spend some time there. It's not an easy mission, certainly, but well geared Boffs should be okay. And in the mean time the drops aren't too bad.

Mods/Bosses - if this is thread is too blatant and shouldn't be here, please delete and let me know.
nah pretty sure this is exactly what this thread is for monty. Also I might try it since its a fleet members even though i despise ground combat.
Cool - thanks for the feedback. One thing I don't like about other grinders is the open areas, so your boffs are stuck in place getting easily flanked by the free-roaming mobs. For me and my grinders, it's corridors all the way Smile

-- I'll add a respawn at the point where the boffs stand.

-- Not sure about the non movers - I'll also check that out. Maybe just have them beaming in within range?

-- I'll also look at a new hiding place that is more open. Wanted the Borg walls to keep the theme but can play with that a little.
Okay - added respawn near the fog, made the Borg spawn closer to the fog and also changed the hiding place a little.

Would appreciate feedback, and more people to test it so it can actually serve the purpose of giving dilithium!
Problem publishing it.................

.............Works fine. The new barrier allows you to easily go around it if you want to, but also to stay out of the way if you prefer and don't need the loots.

You might still get attacked now and again, but that happens in many Boff Grinders. I think it's almost impossible to make one where you can still get out there and back but are also immune when hiding.
Any other people who can give this a whirl would be great - with enough feedback it will allow us to get dili rewards from it
I'll jump in today Monty!
I'll give the forcefield another look over.

As for the timing, I'm not sure if there is an optimum length for Dili. Is there?

Also, check out the KDF version: Boff Training - Trial by Borg

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