The Dawning of the Klingon age-
Had you signed off with Hab SoSlI' Quch!, then my reply would have been BortaS bIr jablu'DI' reH QaQqu' nay.

Anyway, as I desperately need also some high-end Honor Guard Equipment, I shall help you and together we will surely reach our common Goal. Qapla'!

Klingons do have more fun.

If you need purple boffs, let me know and I'll send them over
Monty Wrote:Klingons do have more fun.

Hm, Klingons have more fun. Sailors have more fun. I must be doing something right. :lol:
As I've more or less maxed my Fed out, I've decided to play my KDF more, you should see To'Mass around a bit more.

PS HG Mk XII is awesome, just remember to buy a pulse wave and a sniper rifle.
HG XII and Adapted HG XII gives awesome costume options and then the choice of a great 3-piece set with the extra gun as a back up. Mon'T rocks the traditional HG set and uses the Adapted HG (read, Omega) weapon as a back up/longer range option.

Personally, I feel that with the borg always nullifying shields, the Omega shield boost stats are a bit wasted
The KDF gained a brand new engineer last night. Be wary of this man Bru'taK, he hates the Borg with a single-minded (you might say bloody minded) passion. He lives only to avenge the loss of his past, his unknown house, and the dishonor done to him by the vermin know as the Borg. What stands in his way, will be destroyed.

(Full intro will be done on the thread for that)

With the helm, I'd say it's a pure armor piece. Or the final option when you have all the Elite STF optionals, maybe?
A thread on it here -

And another -

So it looks like a S7 tailor problem which will hopefully be fixed when LoR goes live. Hope so, as Mon'T needs a costume that allows more air.......
I wish I did not have to work today now! All have fun!


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