So I just got a new laptop and it is so much faster than my computer. The longest wait I ever did was for esd for 25 mins now it take 10-20secs. In space my ship jerked around and now it's smooth like butter. So how long do u guys have to wait.
This is pic is what I say when I'm in trouble now.

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my trouble was never my computer, just my internet!

We got better broadband now in the house, so its a good bit faster Smile
My laptop (the newest possible Windows 8 Toshiba) for some reason only has good access to the internet with a Ethernet cable....

It doesn't lag too much, though.

"Use the Force, Harry"- Captain Picard, Lord of The Rings
Out of interest, with the picture linked in the original post - when I saw Sisko with a little beard, I thought he was going to be evil.........
I didn't have much trouble with mine, I am running at 30MB with my broadband.

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