STFs for New Fleet Members
Some fleet members have expressed an interest in learning how to successfully complete STFs (both normal and elite). I would like to propose that we start an event some weekend to get new Vice Admirals acquainted with and comfortable with STFs and some of the other Fleet action PVE events.

As strange is it may sound the first few times you jump into an STF without knowing what you are doing it can be a bit intimidating or at least that was the case for me. Now I very much enjoy and reap the benefits of Elite STFs almost everyday mostly due to the wonderful guidance of this site and the experience of STOA members. That said I think it would be a good idea to try this out as an event some time even if only to gauge interest levels. (I am positive there a few members that would very much enjoy and benefit from a bit of hand holding/positive encouragement)

And for anyone that would like to run some normal STFs or shift gears to Elites please feel free to speak up in chat and if I am online I would be glad to get a group going. Also don't forget that this site has some great guidance on STFs in the "walkthroughs" tab.
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