Klingon fleet
I have a Klingon Charector [email protected] I want to know can join this charecter to the STO Academy Legion while my other charector is in STO Academy Fleet.
I have just sent you an invite to the STO Academy Legion. Qapla'.
Speaking of the KDF side.. let's do some KDF-only events! Could even do entire cloaked teams...

If cloak is the only requirement.....you know what ship can fit a cloak? The dreadnought Angel

Seriously though would be fun to do some stuff with the rest of you kdf guys.
There was a KDF outing on Nakura Prime today. Lot's of marshmallows being toasted on the corpses of Tholians, lots of fleet marks for the projects.
But...but....thats on the ground....... Sad
Blakmage86 Wrote:But...but....thats on the ground....... Sad

It's far from a ground STF! And with lots of you it's not really an issue. Besides, ground is one whole part of the game that people try to avoid when it can be more fun than they think.

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