Andorian Escorts
Those are some sexy looking ships. Now just have to wait to see the stats.
Anyone see any significant difference between the three ships? it looks the same, just the general direction being different.
Only diff I see is the accent lighting, Blue on the Sci Red on the Tac.

Seeing the differences between these is.. tricky. I'm interested in the stats though.. could be verrry good.

The aft ridgeline is slightly different in each ship. The nose shape varies in pointyness. But the biggest difference that I see is the shape of the engines or whatever it is on the wings. All three have distinct shapes. And really the three pack ships have all so far been very similar as far as visually.
Is that what they are? Awesome.
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Not entirely sure that it's worth the money, to be honest.
Well.. the tactical one is excessive. I'm thinking the Sci one might be great, actually. Take flow capacitors (4 sci consoles!), Tetryon Glider, and the special ability, for some shield-ruining fun.

I'll have to think about them some more though.

Also.. 5/2 weapon layout. Not hugely surprised, but it's still a bit of a landmark.

Must say initial impressions are good. That 5/2 weapon plus the wing guns? DPS is going to be so high on this thing.

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