Racing in Star Trek Online
Chris, I'll try to be there. In any case, this may be another section for the Mini-Game "Hall of Fame" (which probably need to be renamed then).
Do you know if the Space Race mission still exists?  That was a pretty neat track, but haven't tried going back to it since the 2013 event.
(03-14-2015, 09:04 PM)Chris Wrote: I've never tried running it multplayer, but perhaps we could get a group together to run it on Monday? (I would presume that potential racers would at least have had to get that far into the Delta Rising StoryArc....)

Would there be interest to try it on Monday?  (And seeing if we can beat the Tom Paris course record of 131 seconds!)

You must have completed the Episode "Know your Enemies" (Level 55+) in order to replay this one. And it is a Singleplayer mission according to STO Wiki.

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