Approaching 50
So as I near the BIG 50...STO 50 that is =). I'm wondering where to go from there. In WoW it was very cut and dry on how to progress once you hit max level. I'm having a hard time finding some answers on what to do once I hit the level cap. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated. Not sure if it matters but I'm a SCI Capt.

Well firstly it means you can bring your A game to STF's! STF's are a major part of end-game, and are thoroughly enjoyable.
That of course takes us into The Reputation system, so you can start doing stf's to get those omega marks and crack on getting into those tiers!

New Romulus is huge, and its a great place to not only explore but do missions in. Of course there is that reputation system to consider as well! Look out for Sector Space missions in the Tau Dewa Sector block that you'll also be able to do to earn more marks!

I also think, that where fleet marks are concerned, that game also starts at 50. Whereas you were probably always able to do those missions, now groups aren't so few and far between, and you should have a great time battling through them and contributing.

FED/KDF Mirror event is great for those lvl 50's who need expertise for BOFF skills and the reputation system. Make sure you do it every time your on!

Theres so much more I could put here, but just make sure that you enjoy the game at 50, thats the most important thing.
There is plenty to do, I have been at the 50 mark for quite awhile and always find something to do. Current project the Militia starbase and embassy.

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