Giveaway : Upgrade bundle
It seems we may have misjudged Santa Gorn. There's nothing frightening about this cheery, holiday hero. He hasn't even tried to lay eggs in us once! Why, Santa Gorn is a blessed friend to have in the holiday spirit, and I say Gorn Bless Us, Every One!
Also he's brought us all a present today and that makes me very happy.
[b]From December 26th at 10am PT to January 2nd at 10am PT, [/b]you can find a free pack of upgrades in the Promotions tab of the Zen Store! This pack contains:

  • 1x Experimental Ship Upgrade

  • 1x Elite Captain Training Token

  • 1x Elite Bridge Officer Training Token
Time to take your ship and its crew to the next level, Captains, and do it for free! Happy Holidays!
I'll check it out. Thanks!


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