Tetryon, Atroxes, and... you?
That may be true. I want to say that now I only get 800 each. I'll have to double check it when the servers come back up.
I'd say you're missing the 2k project. Unless they changed it recently, I've been T5 for a bit so don't see it. But I can't imagine they'd do that as it'd take forever. 100,000 rep at 800 a pop? Ouch!
I'm 90% sure I only have two that give me 800 each. Like I said I'll have to double check when the servers come back. I know I was able to que the T1 projects still until the last patch so the may have changed it.
Right now I have the one to give energy cells and replicators, and another to give hypos and regenerators.

What is the 2k project? I've not noticed it, I only have options to unlock stuff in the store or acquire the maco mk x equip.
When I was raising the rep (sound like a Grandpa!) -

There were two rep projects in each faction - one needed commodities (eg industrial replicators) , the other consumables (eg large hypos). The commodity project gave 2000 (shown as 2k in my other post) and the consumable one gave 800.
Ah. I'll let you know then. I know they did tweak it last week even if they didn't mention it anywhere.
sekh Wrote:I'd also like to run an STF with your carrier sometime. I've got my daughter this week though and she's 6 mo old so I kinda have to play when she's sleeping or at least in a good enough mood to play by herself in the play pen lol.

No problem. Smile
Turns out you were right. I guess I just never looked at the rep for the second quest lol.
sekh Wrote:Turns out you were right. I guess I just never looked at the rep for the second quest lol.

Should speed things up, eh?

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