The Endeavor Timeline (Incomplete)
(Note: Copy-and-Pasted from Google Docs)
(NOTICE: Stardates are not accurate)
This is the story of the Endeavor fleet, beginning as a simple ship, and ended in the Tenth Borg War, leading the Odyssey Star Empire to war against the cyborg race known throughout the galaxy as the Borg.

Stardate 33417: The USS Endeavor
At an UFOP Solar System called ‘Sol’, in orbit around Mars at Starfleet’s base Utopia Planitia, the USS Endeavor was built. This starship is Constitution class, but it’s nacelles were pointing down instead of up.

 Stardate 33510: Decommission
Exactly four hundred-seventeen years after the Endeavor left Utopia Planitia for the first time, it was decommissioned “temporarily” for upgrades, but it was forgotten. It was decommissioned from stardate 33510 to stardate 34510, that’s a thousand years.
Stardate 34510: What is it called? Whatsitcalled.

The USS Whatsitcalled was going to be a Saladin-class, then came the Raichien attacks on Earth*, and most of the metal that was going to be used to build it was eaten by Raichien. The rest of the metal was used to build a Phantom class-based ship, which was captained and named by Captain Fitzmaurice. The Whatsitcalled.

*The Raichien attacks on Earth occurred in the “The Official Timeline” by Cygnus656 on Planet Minecraft.

Stardate 34527: Star ”date”

Captain Anabel Fitzmaurice and Captain Eric Medrud eventually met in Starfleet Academy and, eventually, they married. Their three kids ended up three Captains, and thus began the Endeavor Fleet.

Stardate 34537: Ashurbanipal II

The first of the three kids was Captain Dax, whose ship is an NX, the USS Ashurbanipal.

Stardate 34559: Integrity
The second of the three kids was Captain Lark, whose ship is also an NX, the USS Integrity.

Stardate 47634.44: Three? Nope! Four!
The third of the three kids was Captain Jadin, whose ships were not quite NXs, the USS Wolf Lake(-A), Conquest, Excalibur and Eclipse.
Stardate 34582: Icebase

The Endeavor Fleet had five ships, plus a hundred followers in defiant class ships, but not yet a base, so the newly promoted Admiral Eric FitzMedrud ordered the Wolf Lake(-A), Integrity and Ashurbanipal to search near the black hole at the galaxy’s center for a planet that almost no one would go to. The Integrity found an M-class planet and Admiral Fitzmedrud named the planet Icebase, because it was an ice planet (Not my brightest idea, but it works.)
Stardate 34592: Time Dilation

The USS Wolf Lake disappeared after it’s second encounter with the Borg, and only it’s crew knows what happened to it, because instead of the Wolf Lake returning from that battle three four years before, it was the USS Conquest.

Stardate 359: Blade
Eras before, a major stepping stone to the Endeavor Fleet’s Type-21 shields were the USS Blade’s type 20 shields, which were a secret project by the Blade’s chief engineer. Note: The USS Blade NX-359 was a civilian transport ship.

This is the end of the made timeline. At some point I will update the Google Docs one, then copy-and-paste that so this is updated too.

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