Giveaway : Ascension
Found 2 giveaway for the "ascension" expansion.

1 -

2 - Steelseries - startrek online : ascension pack
You need to install steel series GG from   - and create an account

there is another giveaway active from the past expansion stormfall (summer blast pack) if you dont have redeemed yet.

(PS probably all the pack are only one for account )
Free stuff is always good! Thanks for the info.

Additional details : Alienware giveaway is 

Mirror Universe Agony Field Rifle (x1) (bound to character who claims it)
Elite Services Pack (x1)
Small XP Boost (x1)

Steelseries giveaway is 

Terran Empire Odyssey Outfit (box bound to account but unlocks for 1 Fed character only)
Elite Services Pack
Small XP Boost

Steelseries are also still running a Summer Blast Pack promo (further down the page of offers) :
Portable Phaser Cannon Special Issue (from Lower Decks) (bound to character on claim)
Risian Tribble
12 Inv slots
XP boost

Edit : Terran Empire Uniform Set, the Elite Services Pack and Small XP Boost

Star Trek Online: Ascension (
(sorta) New giveaway : Worf's Beard! (Promotions tab, acct unlock)


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