TFO's and Help on stream
So guys i would like to tell you a little about what i do with the other dude i play with on my stream,

So with that, we do builds and help with builds, we put together a list between paid to play and non paid to play to maximise your need for DPS/Tanking/Magic etc, or to help in general with new guys, other than that we constantly run TFO's and that being said would love for you guys to come visit and represent the academy like i do,

I do own a discord which if you wanted when you come visit you may join i wont advertise here but if you wanna come watch some STO and pew pew the hell out of stuff, swing by to i stream from 7:30pm to 11:30pm BST and im on all day Smile

@AdamWilson1986 is my handle

come joinnn us!

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