introduction/Active members unite
Hi guys, hope your doing well, i was curious i have been in this fleet for a while, does anyone still play? there have been times where the fleet holdings haven't been set up, just curious as i am a regular player, and i stream alot of sto, So i am curious about this, (believe me im not saying promote me) but the lacking of events now seems to be a quiet fleet thats all.

If you are interested in tfo's come check me out on my twitch beardedfillet

I will always rep the fleet!
I still play but nowadays it's mostly log in, play Event/endeavours, depart.
You should swing by in my stream sometime, and come play some TFO's im on twitch under beardedfillet,

But that goes to everyone, equally i was curious how this commendation thing works if there aren't any higher ups around and there for how can you continue doing stuff like the fleet stuff, also the klingon side seems dead? could be wrong but i am active with the people i recruit too!

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