Any chance of a Fleet Invite Please?
Afternoon folks,
Is it OK to send me a Fleet Invite (Alf [email protected]#2918)?
Sent a request yesterday and eagerly awaiting a response Smile
Fairly new to STO and want to know what's the excitement with Fleets so thought I'd give it a go. 
...just sitting here, waiting at the spacedock in my MW Cruiser... admiring the stars... and that big Universe class sat underneath me, dwarfing my ship... looks nice, shame my "boarding party" button doesn't work Big Grin
Thanks for the invite Smile This is awesome! 
Just exploring the bases and hope you don't mind; I bought a Fleet Tactical Escort from your store to replace my other T6 "fun" ship, it's sweet! 
I also had 80k dil spare so chucked that into some of the projects as a start. 
Thanks again, really appreciate it Smile

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