Free T6 ship to all players
Greetings captains,
As you may have noticed with today's update they gave a gift to all players, in that we get a free T6 ship. (Coupon claimable from the shop.)

There are a number of T6 ships that I was thinking about adding to my fleet, even though I love my Odyssey / Tactical Star Cruiser as my main and am not sure I would use them a great deal.
The Pathfinder / Long Range Science Vessel looks great.
The Hestia Class Advanced Escort might be neat as I've never had the Multi Vector ship (It might need you to have the T5 ship for the Multi Vector assault mode console? Anyone know? I also have a T5 coupon, so maybe I score that too....)
The Dreadnaught Cruiser (T6 version of the future enterprise) is very neat looking, and a ship I have always had my eye on....

The Operations Command Battlecruiser seems pretty cool.
Titan Science Destroyer is interesting.....
Pilot escort ships are interesting, but I don't use the T6 ship with piloting we earned from an event.....

Not sure, lots of options and that is not even counting the KDF and Rom ships....

Accolade complete: The Unstoppable Captain
I've only just used the T6 coupons from the last campaign! (Somerville and Chimesh for their Space Wizard mastery traits. My wizards are now very controlling indeed)
Was thinking a Dreadnought, maybe a Warbird, for this coupon. Something to keep my Tac toons happy. Any recommendations?

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