New LF help
 I'm new to STO and STO Academy, I applied yesterday and was invited in game today but I havent talked with anyone yet. I provided my @name for a Discord invite but I'm unsure where exactly to be looking or if I did something wrong. If anyone could help me get on the discord where I assume everyone is that'd be a huge help! =]
Hi Sweech hope your well, And Welcome i see this is an old thread and perhaps if you still are wanting help, Please by all means come find me my @ is [email protected] or if you need extra help by all means come to my stream, and i will go through it with you and get you on your way its beardedfillet on twitch, I am sorry this is a late reply, i have just joined to try and get to know people outside the academy that may or may not be here.! looking forward to meeting ya!

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