Thinking about respecing
I just came back from a pretty long break, and had to respect when I logged in, I'm not very confident with my current build so I would like to redo it again.

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Thats the build I came up with, I'm tactical officer with an assault cruiser.

Does anyone have any input on this? Is it a good build? Id really appreciate any suggestions since things have changed a bit since the last time I've played.
A common practice is to put 6 points in skills rather than all 9. The reason for this is because the last 3 points don't really give that much of a boost, so you can save them and put them someplace else that might be useful.

Also, I noticed some skills that the skill planner recommends (they have stars on them) which you didn't put any skill points into.

Before I go any further, I assume you'll want to be able to be good in STFs, correct?

Ya thats my goal once I get max level again, I can honestly say I didn't even notice the stars the first time I went through it.

Would this be any better?
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I am surprised that as a Tactical Officer, you are using a Cruiser instead of an Escort. Bold choice, I respect that.

Your second build is better than the first one, yet I have a few suggestions, especially if you want to survive in STFs. Before you consider those suggestions, I'd like to remind you, that those are my personal opinions. They are not the law. Smile

1. Increase points on Starship Engine performance and Starship Shield Performance. Your Cruiser is not the most maneuverable, so you want to increase that. Also you want to increase your Shield performance for a better survivabilty.
2. Driver Coil is fine. However, if you want to earn Money during the Tour the Universe Event, you want to increase that to maximum.
3. Particle Generators. Those are great, if you are using Feedback Pulse, Gravity Well or Tyken's Rift. Your BOFF Layout however doesn't show the use of those. So if you are not planning on using them, those points are most likely wasted there.
4. Starship Sensors. In my own opinion, those are not needed unless you plan to do PvP against KDF Player. So just drop them.

With these suggestions, the build would look like this.

I hope this is helpful to you.

If you use Fire on my Mark, 3 points in sensors isnt bad
Jstagg Wrote:If you use Fire on my Mark, 3 points in sensors isnt bad

True. As you can see, Alteran, there are a lot of possibilities. And to be honest, I respec'd at least four times until I was satisfied with my build. Smile
I've been playing this game for 3 years and I just respecced twice within the past month lol. If I were you, I'd try out that build (either yours or Tac's) and see how it works for you.

Just one last question, what type of role to plan on filling in space? Tank, DPS, or Healer? In case you're not sure of the difference, a tank takes damage and survives so that the rest of the team can deal a lot of damage. DPS is damage per second, so you'd want to deal as much damage as possible. I thinka healer is pretty obvious.

Based on what you want to do you may need to adjust your build accordingly.

Im aiming for DPS, I know escorts are better for that but I don't really like the escorts as much as the cruisers.

Im also not really set on the abilities my officers have either, so if there are things that work better id be willing to change them if I can.
What is it about the cruisers that you like?
I like the cruiser classes more then the escorts

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