Star Wars Into Darkness - Mash-up of Star Wars and Star trek
I always suspected it, as we saw a Connie crash on Earth's surface in earlier Trailers. Well, to quote Jean-Luc Picard from the Prime Universe "There are plenty of Letters left in the Alphabet". So let's start with A. Can't wait for "Into Darkness". Waiting to the see the alternate NCC-1701-A, might become insufferable.
BoPs can land - as we see in Search for Spock/Voyage Home
Enterprise spends some time underwater (intentionally) in the early part of the new movie while Spock is playing inside a volcano. There was a stretch trailer of that a couple of months back that I happened to see.

The new universe is a little odd, but may well turn out to be entertaining.

That thing looks amazing!
Definitely want to go see this.

"Use the Force, Harry"- Captain Picard, Lord of The Rings

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