March Beneath the Raptor's Wings
Romulan playable faction? Hmm a part of me hopes not simply because the KDF can't stand on it's own two feat yet. Unless they are planning on a complete update for the KDF and releasing the Romulans at the same time.

In any case it is about the Romulans, I don't doubt that. Great find!

March......May.......Ah! It's so confusing!

Looking forward to some great new content.

I also hope that there isn't a new faction until they sort out the Klingon side of things.
We'll worry about that when the time comes. For now, I just want to know what Season 8 is about lol.

Thinking about this is, quite frankly, pedantic. We have been told SO MANY TIMES that there will not be a Romulan faction until the KDF is on par with the Federation. It does not make sense to make a faction that WILL be on par with the Fed upon release when the other major playable faction in the whole game isn't finished yet.

Don't get me wrong, I am curious myself, but lets not get ahead of ourselves.

May be im just Cynical in my reasonably young age lol

I agree with James here. It's unlikely they introduce a playable Romulan faction. I think, it will be a new story line available for both UFP and KDF instead.

However, if they should really come up with a playable Romulan faction, then naming a 4th STO Academy Fleet will be a challenge. In theory, STO Academy Legion would have been the best name in regards to the Romulan rank system. But that one is taken. So STO Academy Raptors would do nicely. But like Attilio said, we will cross that Bridge, when we come to it.
As I said, the only way I see a Romulan faction coming in May is if they plan on fully updating the KDF as well.

Here is the only exemption to that. A new Romulan that isn't on par with the Fed but is with the KDF. So it'll be missing the first 20 levels or so, have a few episodes of it's own here and there, etc. Essentially a clone of the KDF. Although I still feel that Cryptic should focus one season to making the KDF on par with the Fed, it just makes sense.

That's slightly off topic. This could also have something to do with the Iconians.

I think you're right - a massive push by the Tal Shiar backed by Ico-chaps
Attilio Wrote:That's slightly off topic. This could also have something to do with the Iconians.

This is actually a distinct possibilty. When we last saw Sela, she was abducted by the Iconians. Having Denise Crosby over at Cryptic recently could mean not only doing Voice-overs for the 3rd Anniversary, but also for Season 8 as Sela. Maybe the Iconians return her and she moves with the remainder of her Forces against Mol'Rihan. Wink
Devoting a whole season to KDF would be brilliant for the game, but I really doubt they would do that either. Less of a player base means less money to put into the faction, thus why the ships are so highly priced and WHY I CAN'T GET A BLOODY TAILOR lol
I think the Iconians and the Tal'Shiar are going to be back for a proper ass kicking to wrap up the story.

As for a name, STO Romlastha(Romulan)

I know, probably not happening, I thought it sounded good.


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